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Captiva PixTools Toolkit

OpenText Captiva PixTools Toolkit is a software development kit specifically built for imaging capture, including scanning, viewing, and image processing. PixTools Toolkit is ideal for developers building centralized or distributed document-capture applications that require document imaging capabilities.

Developers can use the PixTools Toolkit to create document-capture applications in as little as one day. PixTools Toolkit leverages Captiva ISIS drivers to ensure hardware scanners work seamlessly with the document imaging application.

Download your trial software and learn how OpenText helps commercial software developers like you quickly embed document capture capabilities and content management tools into existing products and applications.

OpenText Captiva PixTools Toolkit delivers:

  • Scanner compatibility — Provide scanner support for over 400 ISIS scanner models.
  • Fully utilized scanner features — Ensure that ISIS scanners operate at rated speeds and take full advantage of their capabilities.
  • Easy image viewing — Support viewing of images, file conversion, image compression, and annotation.
  • Image enhancement and processing — Automatically clean up images, read barcodes, reduce file size, improve image clarity, and more.

Find out how OpenText Captiva ISIS helped Verbella CMG overcome the common incompatibilities of scanners and scanner applications to reduce the time and costs of typical projects.