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 Digital Asset Management

OpenText Documentum Connector for InDesign

OpenText Documentum Connector for InDesign provides a set of plug-ins for Adobe’s popular page layout and design tools. InDesign users gain access to content and content management functions when creating and editing digital assets. With these plug-ins—designed to work with File Share Services, a component of My Documentum—creative users get content into and out of Documentum much easier and with minimal training.

Connector for InDesign works with My Documentum for Desktop. Users can also gain access through other popular creative tools such as Microsoft Office or Windows Explorer with My Documentum for Desktop.

Connector for InDesign features include:

  • Lightweight content management tools – Open, edit, and save repository content directly within popular page layout and design tools
  • Versioning support – Gain support for versioning page layouts and changed embedded images with each “save” within the authoring tool
  • Automatic virtual document creation – Link the master page layout with the specific version of each image contained in that layout
  • Simultaneous object editing – Automatically extract embedded images as separate objects with a single “save” of the page layout file
  • Automated PDF generation – Automatically generate a proof or print-quality PDF rendition when importing or checking in the page layout
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