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xCelerators are free assets that incorporate best practices to accelerate solution development. Shared through an active community, xCelerators promote reuse to boost developer productivity and software quality, reducing development risk and maintenance costs.

Sample xCelerators

  • Clean Theme xCelerator — Offers a general-purpose theme that provides a set of classes that can be applied to elements of a page to make them visually appealing such as with shaded columns, rounded corners, and buttons with different sizes and colors.
  • Demo Toolbox xCelerator — Contains a collection of UI widgets, JavaScript functions, and Java services.
  • Image Geolocation Extraction xCelerator — Provides a mechanism for extracting the geolocation information from an image in the repository.
  • Investigative Case Management xCelerator — Demonstrates how OpenText Documentum xCP 2.0 can support an integrated justice system, handling case information from the point of an incident being registered through to a case being tried in court and the outcome recorded.
  • Simple Document Generation xCelerator — Provides a mechanism for producing basic Microsoft Word and PDF documents from an XML template such as an acknowledgement letter or a standardized welcome letter.
  • xCPDoc xCelerator —Offers a tool that automatically creates documentation from xCP 2.0 project files.
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