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Create your ideal workspace in a matter of minutes.

Users find what they seek with D2’s personalized dashboards. Drag-and-drop widgets make it easy to design the ideal workspace for locating and accessing content. With popular widgets available out-of-the box, customization is just moments away.

Empower end users to create a workspace that caters to them.

D2’s configurable interface brings ease of access and customization to end users, empowering them to create a workspace that meets their unique needs. D2 unlocks more value for users who need basic “library” services for finding and retrieving information. Because finding equals doing.

  • Intuitive configuration makes end users self-sufficient
  • Boost productivity by realizing the full value of content libraries
  • Automate many routine user functions
  • Accelerate user adoption and reduce training time

Heathrow Airport Ltd replaced a highly customized Webtop application with Documentum D2, a modern experience that enables users to quickly locate actionable content among millions of stored documents, and provides easily configurable automation to increase productivity, consistency and control.

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Bring all your relevant documents together with xCP.

Access and analyze associated documents from multiple sources through Documentum xCP, the smarter way to manage content. Improve productivity and identify trends faster while automating common processes and workflows.

xCP makes Documentum work harder so you don’t have to.

Develop robust case management and optimize business decisions by compiling relevant data across systems. xCP’s numerous integrations make it easy to identify, access and view documents simultaneously regardless of where they’re located. Coupled with advanced workflows and automation, making and approving decisions has never been easier.

  • Preview documents for improved efficiency
  • Improve decision-making based on more complete information
  • Reduce training time for new users
  • Less custom coding


Eaton Vance implemented Documentum xCP to automate, streamline, and track its processes for opening and onboarding new accounts, substantially improving productivity, transparency and regulatory compliance.

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Happy end users make for more productive IT departments.

D2 and xCP’s drag-and-drop interfaces reduce the need to hardcode modifications, making them easier for end users and IT departments to customize. Expedited deployment and streamlined maintenance mean less demands for IT department support.

Enhanced functionality and a user-friendly interface come together for easy development and deployment.

With intuitive, modern interfaces both D2 and xCP require minimal training time while empowering users to be more self-sufficient. Packed with functionality, there’s less to create and customize, making both systems easier for IT to develop and maintain. Say goodbye to complex coding once and for all.

  • Expedite deployment and reduce training time for new users
  • Minimize custom coding
  • Standardize application of compliance requirements
  • Integrate xCP with other enterprise applications and data sources

Halkbank manages over 25,000 individual workflows every day using Documentum xCP, enabling 2000 users to simultaneously access appropriate core banking data as well as millions of vital documents in Documentum.

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