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Collaborative authoring with control

Document creation is a deeply collaborative process with several differing roles. LEAP Concert brings order to this process while freeing participants to do their best work. Divided documents, workflow notifications, and authoritative controls are all combined to prevent unauthorized or unnecessary content changes.


LEAP Concert allows multiple contributors to collaborate on a single version of a document by easily dividing and assigning sections to individuals. A structured workflow allows sections to be approved and completed which contributes to a clear overview of the document status.
Documents are completely secure because users can only modify the content living in a section that has been assigned to them. Document owners can choose to allow users to browse the entire document or to prevent them from looking at specific sections. A document history keeps track of all changes made on a document allowing to compare “before and after” states of sections
Stay on top of the entire process through real-time analytics that provide insight about the overall progress of a document. Advanced notifications signal users to contribute or review content with configurable due dates. A mobile companion application allows them to review sections outside of the document.

Highlighted Use Cases

Sales, Marketing & Product Management

· Sales proposals

· Marketing campaigns

· Product launch

· Market requirements

Financial & Operations

· Financial Statements

· Audit Reports

· Policies & Procedures

· Contracts

Regulated Environments

· Clinical Trials

· Regulatory Submissions

· Compliance & Reporting

and many more . . to name a few more.

· Engineering Reports

· Research Documents

· Technical Specifications

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