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Content exchange without chaos

While other solutions claim that dumping a bunch of files into the cloud will solve all your document headaches, first-hand enterprise users know that’s not the case. The lack of visibility, tracking, versioning, and true communication about when and how files are exchanged is a significant problem. Especially for any business that relies on document exchange. But a quick preview of our tracking dashboard and configurable structure will immediately demonstrate why Courier is such a leap over the competition.

“Dumping a bunch of files into the cloud was never going to give businesses the tracking they need. Courier does.”

Arnaud Viltard

Sr. Group Product Manager


Unlike other solutions, Courier adapts to your unique exchange process. It can be easily configured, labeled, and partitioned by roles and approvals to organize documents and workflows in minutes without custom development.
Too often with enterprise software design is an afterthought, interfaces are ugly and require lots of training to use. Courier is different. It’s clean, spacious, and easy to follow. Just like your documents should be.
Dumping a bunch of files into the cloud was never going to give businesses the tracking they need. Courier does. With the help of status alerts, notification sum-maries, and next step updates, Courier streamlines the creation, revision, and approval process while eliminating inefficient email traffic.

Highlighted Use Cases


Consulting Projects

As every consultant knows, one of the first steps in a consulting project is discovery, which often begins with the necessary but tedious task of gathering information. It’s a time-consuming process that can delay the start of the truly valuable work a consultant performs for the client.


HR Onboarding

It’s not unusual for new hires to spend the first few days or weeks completing paperwork and other onboarding requirements for their position. There are insurance forms, tax forms, paycheck paperwork, forms for individual retirement accounts, and so on. Often safety and training classes are part of the process.

Loan Origination

Loan officers need to process as many loans as possible, but they must also ensure compliance in a changing regulatory landscape. Collecting documents from borrowers is their single biggest hurdle. Courier helps borrowers and lenders quickly check the status of loan documents to immediately see which ones are missing.

Life Sciences Investigator Portal

For a clinical trial to be a success, every step and every result must be carefully documented. Every document must be collected, scanned, stored in the eTMF, and retrieved for regulators when required. Courier simplifies and dramatically speeds up the process of collecting clinical trial documents for the eTMF.

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