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LEAP SNAP:Document capture for everyone

IT capture solutions are overly complex. As a lightweight app, Leap Snap overcomes this problem in minutes while still delivering the enterprise-grade development, test, production, template, and configuration features you need. Oh, and unlike other solutions, reassuring tracking comes standard.


Snap turns unstructured analog content into actionable information in digital form. Its powerful recognition feature automatically captures, categorizes, and organizes documents and related information instantly upon upload. It can even distinguish images from text. Fancy that!
Too often with enterprise software design is an afterthought, interfaces are ugly and require lots of training to use. Snap is different. It’s clean, spacious, and easy to follow, even for first-time users. For instance,
it captures full-text PDFs and populates document properties with important keywords. And its workflow visualization provides a sense of progression and the ability to navigate back and forth through the capture process.
Unlike other cumbersome capture solutions, Snap can be accessed from any device and complete an import in less than five minutes. But it’s also feature-rich, including ready-made development, test, and production environments.

Highlighted Use Cases

Loan Processing

Loan processing is a document-intensive process that involves gathering and preparing a multitude of forms: credit statements, employment history, pay stubs, tax forms, insurance forms, etc. Capturing documents sooner in the process leads to faster approvals, speedier account preparation, and quicker access to customer files.

Remote Offices

Although most companies have an Enterprise Content Management system and they capture documents using a bulk mailroom capture process, many remote offices still deal with paper documents. Snap improves on slow manual processes and reduces the possibility of lost documents by capturing information as soon as it is received.

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