The push to digitize

As organizations improve their processes, data becomes their most valuable strategic asset.

Drivers of value

In order to improve business performance, you need fast, seamless access to the digital information trapped in your past-era applications as well as to the content siloed in your production applications.

Reduce costs

Holding onto past-era applications is risky and costly. Application decommissioning helps you maintain compliance while managing data and content on a single, accessible platform – increasing the intrinsic value of your data.

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Migrating the tremendous amount of inactive yet valuable data from siloed production applications to InfoArchive reduces storage and maintenance costs and access strategic data.

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Information transformation

Mobile, social, analytic and cloud applications meet the demands of our digital workforce. By ingesting and then exposing historic data, InfoArchive can feed the information needs of these new applications.

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$5 Million in Annual Savings

BMO Harris Bank must secure a lifetime of financial records for every customer and keep them easily accessible. With InfoArchive, the bank was able to retire old applications and experience $5M in annual savings while still meeting customer needs.

Re-envision your data

Extracting maximum business value from data is only possible by unleashing information from legacy and siloed applications. Free yourself so you can invest in innovation.

Mobile applications

The need to access data any time from any device puts tremendous pressure on IT departments and adds complexity.
Many organizations maintain static data in production applications with outdated user interfaces. Place static data in InfoArchive so you can optimize your production environment, but still provide mobile access to static data, through InfoArchive’s APIs and web interface.

Big data

Access to big data is required for business insight, but must be done in a way that’s compliant. InfoArchive can help you archive information of all types to create a compliant source for big data.


How can cloud-based applications access historic data in a way that’s compliant? You don’t need to maintain two applications to meet retention and compliance needs. InfoArchive maintains all your compliance policies while providing access to your new cloud applications. This allows you to decommission the old applications, preserve compliance, and enable a transformative technology.