OpenText Captiva Intelligent Enterprise Capture


OpenText Captiva delivers a complete range of intelligent enterprise capture solutions to capture and transform documents into business information.
  • OpenText Captiva Advanced Recognition

    Automate document recognition and data capture using character recognition intelligence for document identification.
  • OpenText Captiva Capture

    Automate the capture of paper and electronic documents with intelligent capture for the enterprise.
  • OpenText Captiva Web Client

    Deploy and maintain web-based clients to easily scan, import, and index paper or electronic documents
  • OpenText Captiva Invoice Capture

    Employ automatic invoice capture and processing to recognize, validate, and export invoice data to financial business systems.
  • OpenText Captiva Mobile Capture

    Easily embed on-device image capture, clean-up, and batch-submission functions into mobile applications with seamless OpenText Captiva integration.
  • OpenText Captiva REST-Services

    OpenText Captiva Capture REST Services is a set of RESTful services and toolsets that can provide access to a number of different capture-related resources and functions.