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OpenText Captiva Advanced Recognition

OpenText Captiva Advanced Recognition automatically recognizes large amounts of paper documents, captures the data, and delivers the information to the right systems, processes, and people. It enables businesses to identify all kinds of documents using intelligent recognition technologies, and automatically capture machine- and hand- printed data using optical character recognition (OCR), intelligent character recognition (ICR), and barcode recognition.

Captiva Advanced Recognition replaces manual, error-prone, and expensive document-sorting and data-entry processes with automatic document recognition and data capture, which helps to minimize risk, reduce costs, and boost productivity.

Captiva Advanced Recognition delivers:

  • Intelligent document recognition – Recognize all types of documents, so you can replace expensive manual document-sorting steps.
  • Automatic document learning – Intelligently learn documents in production, streamlining the setup and ongoing maintenance of a capture project.
  • Intelligent data capture – Reduce manual data entry and accelerate processes.
  • Business rules and validation – Establish business rules to ensure the accuracy of captured data, reduce errors, and handle exceptions.
  • Handwritten document processing – Recognize handwritten documents like correspondence and route them to the appropriate departments for processing.
  • Data capture from tables – Automate the capture of data from tables including invoices.
  • Check reading – Automate the capture of data from personal and business checks, reducing manual data entry and accelerating critical business processes.
  • Multiple recognition technologies – Recognize machine- and hand-printed data automatically in over 130 different languages to minimize data entry and errors.
  • New extraction framework – Contains all OCR extracted information, using an expanded data model, and leverages character alternatives for anchor matching and improved line and box removal
  • New OCR engine framework – Allows easy integration of new third party OCR or other recognition engines that can be used in conjunction with classification and extraction steps
  • Improved text-based extraction for general templates – Helps increase accuracy with text-based extraction processes for manually learned templates