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OpenText Captiva REST-Services

OpenText Captiva Capture REST Services is a set of RESTful services and toolsets that can provide access to a number of different capture-related resources and functions. A resource in this case can easily be thought of a capture-related function. These Capture REST Services are based on an architectural style for networked applications and are primarily built to be lightweight, highly-maintainable, and highly-scalable.

Customers today expect businesses to provide immediate responses to their requests. The traditional mailroom capture environment where copies of documents are sent to a central facility no longer meets the needs of the modern day consumer. Customers are now looking for new features that are pushing capture-related functionality further to the very edge than ever before. With the introduction of Capture REST services, this will enable applications to immediately start processing at the point of capture. OpenText Captiva Capture REST Services presents a simple solution to immediate document capture and faster processing of information at the point of contact anytime and from anywhere.
OpenText Captiva Capture REST Services can be used for the following functions:

  • Barcode recognition
  • Image enhancement
  • Full-page OCR
  • PDF creation
  • Classification
  • Extraction
  • Validation results
  • Document Assembly