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OpenText Captiva Web Client

OpenText Captiva Web Client supports a new distributed capture client solution that works with OpenText Captiva Capture, enabling web-based remote document and data capture that can seamlessly be integrated into enterprise content management systems, business applications, and back office processes. The OpenText Captiva Web Client incorporates the latest capture technologies and REST services available in the market today. It does not require any additional software plug-in downloads to run. The OpenText Captiva Web Client is web browser agnostic and supports HTML5 across all commonly used browser platforms. It fully leverages all supported Captiva document types, incorporates Captiva real-time REST services, and developed based on the OpenText Captiva Cloud Toolkit product.

  • Remote scanning/remote indexing — Deploy and maintain web-based clients to easily scan, import, and index paper or electronic documents
  • Simple and efficient web user interface — Enable users to acquire and view images, in color and black and white, from a document scanner, multi-function peripheral (MFP) device, network scanner, or a file system
  • Scanner/peripherals support — Easily capture images with desktop scanners, multifunction peripherals (MFPs), and other capture devices
  • Client side validations —Supports simple client-side for range checking using the metadata coming from the document t type definitions
  • Server-side validations —Supports all validation rules functionality available in Desktop to include SQL and DQL look-up capability (but no other scripting)
  • Supports latest web standards — Leverages the latest web standards of Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) in combination with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) that provides encrypted communication and secure identification to a network web server
  • Supports REST services — Embeddable real-time REST services are incorporated and can be used for image enhancement, barcode recognition, full page OCR, classification, extraction, and to obtain validation results, to name a few
  • Real time advanced recognition at scan time – Supports OpenText Captiva REST elastic architecture for real-time response
  • Launch capture from a business application – Easily launch the browser-based web client scan/capture capability from any business application via a new browser window and return back to the original business application that launched the scan/capture client when done
  • Language support – Fully localized and provides language support in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Korean and Japanese