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Captiva PixTools Toolkit

OpenText Captiva PixTools Toolkit is a software development kit specifically built for imaging capture, including scanning, viewing, and image processing. PixTools Toolkit is ideal for developers building centralized or distributed document-capture applications that require document imaging capabilities.

Developers can use the PixTools Toolkit to create document-capture applications in as little as one day. PixTools Toolkit leverages Captiva ISIS drivers to ensure hardware scanners work seamlessly with the document imaging application.

OpenText Captiva PixTools Toolkit delivers:

  • Scanner compatibility — Provide scanner support for over 400 ISIS scanner models.
  • Fully utilized scanner features — Ensure that ISIS scanners operate at rated speeds and take full advantage of their capabilities.
  • Easy image viewing — Support viewing of images, file conversion, image compression, and annotation.
  • Image enhancement and processing — Automatically clean up images, read barcodes, reduce file size, improve image clarity, and more.