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OpenText xPression transforms enterprise communications for delivering consistent, compelling, and personalized interactions across all channels.

Reduce Operational Costs

How can I reduce the cost of creating and distributing business communications? How can I make my staff more productive?

Industry-leading technology lets you use familiar authoring tools to create content for multi-channel distribution—print, email, web and mobile device.

Automating the creation and distribution of communications in electronic formats saves time, paper and postage costs. It also eliminates manual processes, dramatically reduces cycle times, and improves service levels. And by leveraging familiar authoring tools, business users can quickly develop and maintain document templates without relying on IT, which means you can accelerate time-to-market and reduce labor costs typically associated with document development.

Consolidate and Standardize

Why do we have so many systems for generating customer communications? How can we achieve consistency in every communication?

Standardizing on a single, process-driven platform for the entire organization allows you to eliminate numerous, redundant document-generation systems.

With a single enterprise platform for document creation and distribution, all business communications will be consistent, brand compliant, and aligned to the customers’ preferences, even as their preferences change over time. And if your organization maintains separate document-generation add-ons to each core system, consolidating onto a single platform will dramatically reduce operating costs and complexity.

Improve the Customer Experience

How do I meet my customers’ communications preferences – without fail? How can I provide a consistent experience across all channels?

Today, organizations must be capable of communicating different messages through different channels, in an intelligent, context-sensitive way.

Customers and prospects increasingly expect communications to be highly relevant and personalized to them, as well as delivered in the manner and channel they prefer, whether mobile, email, or print. An organization that provides highly personalized and customized communications on each customer’s preferred delivery channel will improve its ability to acquire new customers, while retaining and upselling existing customers.
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Reduce risk and Ensure Compliance

How can I respond to changing regulations, branding and customer initiatives? How can I prove we’re always delivering the right content?

Real-time communications are often required in time-sensitive business functions; however many document systems lack the controls needed to ensure compliance.

Create and reuse centrally controlled content that’s been pre-approved for use. Automate archiving and implementation of retention policies through out-of-the-box integration with leading enterprise content management systems and a variety of archiving systems. Shorten approval processes and improve accuracy by automatically routing documents to legal, compliance and other departments for review and approval.

Key Products


Market-leading customer communications management platform generates all types of electronic and paper documents.


xPression Documentum

Market-leading customer communications management platform generates all types of electronic and paper documents.


Documentum Platform

The industry’s most trusted content platform organizes and protects your valuable enterprise content.


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