OpenText xPression Enterprise Edition


Organizations operate under tremendous  competitive pressures to improve the customer experience while cutting costs  and increasing efficiency. OpenText xPression Enterprise Edition  helps companies face these challenges with a multichannel platform to quickly produce  highly personalized and cost-effective customer communications on demand,  interactively, and in high-volume batch for delivery via print, e-mail, web,  and mobile text messaging.

xPression provides  organizations with the ability to build profitable relationships by generating  multichannel communications based on each customer’s preference, while it  ensures the use of consistent, relevant, and approved content by combining  variable data with digital assets through powerful document assembly logic.  Leveraging familiar authoring tools from Microsoft and Adobe, xPression  generates communications in a variety of ways to best suit the varying business  situations such as high-volume batch printing, responding to real time  requests, and generating communications as part of the organization’s business  process management infrastructure.

Built on a service-oriented  architecture, xPression generates a wide variety of customer communications  including correspondence, proposals, contracts, policies, statements, and marketing  materials from a single robust system.