OpenText xPression Enterprise Edition

xPression allows you to enable non-technical business users to easily generate personally relevant customer correspondence. Once generated, users can edit and automatically route the resulting correspondence for review. Upon approval, it can be generated and distributed immediately or added to a scheduled batch process using the robust multi-channel publishing capabilities of OpenText xPression. Delivery options include print, email, Web, fax, and mobile devices.

xDesign Online Editor enables business users to easily edit correspondence interactively without the need to install and maintain traditional desktop software or plug-ins. The browser-based WYSIWYG user experience provides the ability to control editing of existing content and selection of optional content while protecting content from unauthorized changes. The editor provides full formatting capabilities including style and formatting selections, spell check and the support of form fields.

xEditor is a good choice for users familiar with Microsoft Word that require additional editing functionality such as revision tracking. xEditor provides a controlled, Microsoft Word-based editing environment in which sections and variables can be locked down using Word’s read-only protection mechanism. This interactive editor is deployed as a plug-in from the web browser.

xResponse provides a web-based user interface to create, edit, approve and distribute personalized, compliant correspondence.

xRevise streamlines your contract creation, negotiation, and approval processes. Designed for business users, xRevise enables you to retrieve and view contract data, automatically generate contract drafts, and employ a Microsoft Word-based editing environment for baseline contract revisions using a searchable library of pre-approved terms and clauses. Contract versions can be compared side-by-side for easy change detection and resolution of differences.