OpenText xPression Enterprise Edition


With OpenText xResponse, you can easily create, edit, approve, and distribute personalized, compliant correspondence using a Web-based interface. The familiar Microsoft Word-based editing environment enables you to easily edit correspondence prior to distribution, while protecting content from unauthorized changes.

Once edited, you can automatically route the resulting correspondence for review. Upon approval, it can be generated and distributed immediately or added to a scheduled batch production process using the robust multi-channel publishing capabilities of xPression. Delivery options include print, email, Web, fax, and mobile device.

Controlled editing: Incorporate pre-approved paragraphs, or compose new text in designated locations.

Content protection: Lock document content to protect it from unauthorized changes and ensure compliance.

Correspondence approval workflow: Streamline approval processes through an intuitive automated workflow.

Interactive document integration: Embed interactive editing capabilities into existing enterprise systems while controlling the user experience.

Correspondence production: Generate correspondence immediately or include in a scheduled batch process using xPression.

Multichannel delivery: Deliver interactive correspondence in customer-preferred formats, such as print, e-mail, Web, and mobile device.

Correspondence retention: Archive all correspondence in various OpenText systems for records management, search, storage, and retrieval.

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